I have been part of an incredible community called Church in the City where they allowed me to grow and speak a lot.  The following are some of the sermons from our community.  I pray that you will be blessed and connect with the messages.  Some of the messages are also from other communities that were brave enough to invite me and speak.


Fresh Bread

Sometimes we can hold on to the good things in our past for too long and it cripples us from receiving new blessings.

Fresh Bread Sermon

True Faith

There are some things in church culture that get confused with the message of Jesus Christ.  This message was preached at the tail end of a 7 day conference with SERVE hosted by Little Trinity Church in Toronto 2016.



In one of those odd moments, I read a horticultural article on Basic Principles of pruning woody plants and it applied so much in my own life.  God’s pruning is for growth.  But sometimes it hurts.

In case you want to read said article here’s the link:




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