Vlog 48: We Might Have Our Own Ideas About How Things And Our Lives Will Be Fixed, But Maybe God Will Answer In Ways We Never Imagined.


Vlog 47: When You Decide To Wake Up, It’s Morning!

Vlog 46: If Only People Would Listen TO Have Small Victories, What Kind Of World Would We Have?

Vlog 45: Busy Christmas Season. Prayers Needed!

Vlog 44: They Sold Property And Possessions To Give To Anyone In Need

Vlog 43: Looking For Someone’s Son

Vlog 42: Hanging Out With A Two Year Old

Vlog 41: Right Timing

Vlog 40: Ministry Belongs To God

Vlog 39: God Is Hovering Over Us While We Are In Darkness

Vlog 38: There’s Always Something To Be Grateful For

Vlog 37: Streetwalk Interruption… She Wanted Prayer!

Vlog 36: Urban Ministry Downtown Toronto. Maybe God’s More Patient With Us Than We Think…

Vlog 35: First Christmas: Hope

Vlog 34: No Vacancy In Shelters Within Toronto

Vlog 33: What Is Possible

Vlog 32: Don’t Burn Out

Vlog 31: God’s Fingerprints

Vlog 30: Fathers and Children Reconciling Malachi 4:6

Vlog 29: Dangerous Prayers

Vlog 28:  Reflections after the Blue Jay Game

Vlog 27:  The Bike Mechanic

Vlog 26:  There’s only one thing wrong with me

Vlog 25:  While I was away

Vlog 24:  A place where protests are unecessary

Vlog 23:  I’m not okay

Vlog 22:  Prayer in the subway

Vlog 21:  Uber spiritual conversations

Vlog 20:  What is God doing in all these people’s lives?

Vlog 19:  I feel heard

Vlog 18:  Foodcourt for the Homeless

Vlog 17:  When you’re thankful, you’re thankful

Vlog 16:  Prayer is the bedrock of what we do

Vlog 15:  It’s about people not programs.

Vlog 14:  My birthday just passed.

Vlog 13:  Right timing, right moment

Vlog 12

Vlog 11

Vlog 10

Vlog 9

Vlog 8

Vlog 7

Vlog 6

Vlog 5

Vlog 4

Vlog 3

Vlog 2

Vlog 1


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